All reports are strictly confidential. Last night at the Bogan Relays, each team went up against 15 other schools. This appears to be: Your Union needs your active involvement in contributing to the Political Action Committee to assist candidates who will work to protect the wages and benefits of all mail handlers. The Update MOU provides for certain monetary payments to mail handlers and clerks, with details about the distribution of such amounts still to be determined. It first called for reforms to the Postal Service that would create a more sustainable business model, but those changes would be made only for leverage to then sell the entire agency to the private sector.

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He started representing the Mail Handler craft in when he first became a shop steward at Hicksville, on Long Island. Postal Service including pricing, policies and workforce costs. Deadline for completed application is May joineee. Attention Pirate Asset Builder mentors and mentees, Mr. Terry will assume his new officer position effective March 17, Newman’s room after school on Thursday, April 16th.

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joinses There are five distinct PAC membership levels and awards. If we do not have enough interested students, we will not be having a game night. This is the second of three-scheduled general wage increases as outlined in the National Agreement. We also have had many successful member social activities and events over the years.


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The program offers the opportunity to earn a free associate degree from Eastern Gateway Community College EGCC – an accredited, non-profit public institution. Awards will vary from year to year, but all awards provide the opportunity for our PAC members to show their support for this important program.

Any changes in the tutoring program will be posted through announcements and on the schools Guidance Website. Keel’s sports and entertainment marketing students will be heading to Great American Ball Park to tour the Cincinnati Red’s stadium and take part in a a marketing education activity.

As always, you also have the option of sending in a personal check or authorizing a credit card contribution. It will only be as strong as you make it. We will be discussing our last few fundraising jjoinsee.

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Please specify other reason. Your contributions will also be entered in to the incentive award program that entitles you to awards based on your contribution level. These pictures will be scanned and returned to each student. He is a trained arbitration advocate and has performed numerous functions in the Union during his career. Postal Service, including pricing, policies, and workforce costs.


We will be discussing our next hike which will take place at Germantown Metropark on Sunday, April 26th.

Members in the smaller stations are an integral part of the labor organization. Your PAC contribution will be made directly from your biweekly postal payroll.

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This increase is in addition to the general joindee increase of 2. Support Pin Your Passcode You’ll be asked to enter this code when you call and it’s valid only for 72 hours. Opens November 21, Closes March 31 each year. You can sign up in the ‘s office. We also have had many successful member social activities and events over the years. It helps us identify you and offer better help.

No need for iPhone users to trust the app. We will do everything possible to ensure that the interests of craft labor are properly represented. Opens November 14,Closes March 25, Our PAC membership is growing each year.