One of the big disadvantages of the VKB is its lack of keys, which will undoubtedly be awkward to type on at first. The VKB is impervious to manufacturing debris, chemicals, and beer spills. TECH needs to address. This leaves users with few options — in the UK, you’re basically stuck with grey imports or obsolete hardware. Posted March 1,

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I-Tech Bluetooth Virtual Keyboard

Posted March 1, Has this been used on another device? Hopefully I’ll be able to sell some now! HHR is a leader in the Hong Kong toy industry and also in the design and marketing of telecommunications accessories and electronics, including cell phone and MP3 player accessories. Tell people your war stories of how you spent 9 hours trying to itsch your phone to talk to a itrch that actually doesn’t exist.

Virtual Keyboard Review | ZDNet

TECH’s device undoubtedly jtech, and we look forward to tracking its future progress. This makes it somewhere around the size of a regular keyboard minus the number pad and fancy extraneous function keys. We carried out our test in an office, and found brown surfaces better than black, and in darker corners generally better than bright ones. Would we buy one of these devices?


Beyond projecting keyboards onto a flat surface, this sort of scanning technology begins to lay the technical and psychological groundwork for the day when we could interact with all out modern amenities, from entertainment devices, appliances, and computers, with iteh series of simple hand gestures, like a mechanized sign language.

In environments like hospitals or labs that need to be kept completely sterile, cleaning the VKB is literally as easy as wiping down a table.

I.TECH Virtual Keyboard

TECH needs to address. Most reviews comment that the keyboard is also comfortably visible in normal room light. Report on Similar Technologies http: Most of the compatibility complaints you’ll discover in independent reviews have to do with finding the right drivers and convincing them to recognize the device.

Please review our terms of service to complete your newsletter subscription. I’ve downloaded the latest driver from the itech website. The VKB is a virtual keyboard, which uses a laser to project the image of a keyboard onto any reasonably flat surface. Keystrokes are sent to your handheld via a cable that plugs into its serial connector.

WAIT a few seconds! View our privacy policy before signing up. Smaller than a deck of playing cards, it can be carried with mobile devices like PDAs gkb phones.


The manual does have some detail in it, but is not particularly well structured or clear, meaning you will be fiddling with the unit for some time, trying to get it to work. As I pressed the enter key on the projected image, the pairing was instantaneous. Lenovo ThinkPad X1 Extreme review: If that doesnt work, try using it on your PC with the driversit could be that its not itecch with your devices. A power socket is on the side, which hooks up to an AC adapter.

Design The Virtual Keyboard is a multi-part piece of kit.

Stop press, I tried this too last night after a few JDs to steady the nerves. As it stands, we’d be unlikely to choose the Virtual Keyboard over a hardware-based external keyboard for a handheld. Anyway, in a nutshell, this is what I did.

VKB Vitual Keyboard

Sign In Sign Up. You simply stand it upright, turn it on by pressing the switch on the side and start typing away. Posted November 23, The VKB runs off a rechargeable 3.