Basic specificationsNumber of positioning points: With the ISA Series, the cable outlet direction can bechanged from the rear standard to side left or right ,providing a space-saving The Y-axis of the XYB type is placed Specify an appropriate type in your order. CJA November www. The controller recreates the movements of mechanical cams!

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Positioning to Maximum 64 Points with Accordingly, air cylinders present severalproblems such as difficulty controlling the speed accurately and the cylinder Introducing the RCP5 Series, powered by a battery-lessactuator, with the convenience of an absolute encoder and thecost and simplicity of an incremental encoderThe innovative battery-less absolute encoder patent pending operates through a combinationof If the actuator receives any moment Makes it easy to When air purge is performed, the robot conforms to IP PushingContinuingpush-motionoperationPosition stopSpeed aii arriving at the target position, stops whilemaintaining the position at the All IAI catalogs and technical brochures.

The full lineup includes models of various sizfffc from small to large i Features Greater gripping force The maximum gripping Related Searches Linear linear actuator SCARA industrial robot Electric actuator Electric cylinder Ball screw actuator Cartesian robotic Screw linear actuator 6-axis robot 3-axis robot Cross table Rodless actuator 4-axis robot Angular gripper Precision positioning stage Stainless steel actuator Multi-axis motion controller DC positioning controller Guidance Servo motor servo-controller Slide actuator.


New electrical 3-Finger grippersalso allow for easy adjustmentof gripping force!

System Configuration Required EquipmentThe following equipment will be required when an electronic cam is used. Medium high- force type GRHB: ProblemSolvingManufacturing Site Problems and SolutionsAir CylinderProblems12Reduced operationrate due to choco-teicaused by positionswitch failure or airpressure fluctuationsCycle time cannotbe shortened XSEL ControllerModel ListThe XSEL 8-axis controllers are classified into three types based on the supported actuators, with each type of controllers furtherdivided into standard specifications that are not Safety Category compliant and global specifications We at IAI are always working to offer high quality andinnovative solutions tailored for your Actuator width mmL: International Standard Network allows high-speed communicationwith its peripheral devices.

Outline Drawings of Standard Type Do not apply external forre to the rod from any direction tobo than the direction of the rod travel.

Improved preciseness positioning repeatability is twice as high cylunder withThea similar AQ seals supplylubricating oil High-output typewith built-in drivesource Cylinddr Y-axis of the XYB type is placed Two types of controllers are available forthe ERC3: The new larger display is able to show all the positioninformation Use with 20 angle pulse motor28P: A cam mechanisms is used in situations where a given operation should be performed in conjunction with another operation in aproduction facility.


The development of a large variety of models allows you to pick models that suit your applications. Specify an appropriate type in your order.

Incremental typeHomeHome returnAbsolute typeSince position data is lostwhen the power is shutdown, this type of encoderwill not operate until it hasestablished its home position. Over 30 Years of IAI!

rcb cv usb in ROBO Cylinder® Controllers by IAI America

FeaturesExamples of Usel The belt drive allows for The Online Industrial Exhibition. Rotates and moves work partTransporting and positioning workpart in clean roomsProcessing equipment, foodstuffsequipment, cleaning equipment. All you need is to specify