Use High Quality Sound: GoToMyPC will transmit sound from: Jul 30, 4: Turns off all sounds from the host PC if a slow network connection is detected. How do I change my sound preferences? Disables any sounds form your host PC to optimize performance. View answer in context.

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I have a base computer that is the origin of my Internet radio station. Posted on Nov 29, 8: User profile for user: I agree that this option dound to the Preferences tab.

We are also considering to switch to competitors, but what a hassle, and we do like Logmein otherwise this seemingly minor issue. It’s smart to let the user toggle both host and remote sound lgmein one button in the main UI.

What steps can I take to Troubleshoot Remote Sound issues?

Manually select the loopback input from the drop-down menu in the Sound Preferences window. Sound Cards A sound card facilitates audio for your PC and is required on diaable the host and the client computer in order to use the Sound feature. Oct 13, 9: Newer versions of GoToMyPC work with a wide variety of sound card types, but there may be a few compatibility issues: There are known compatibility issues with older SigmaTel sound card drivers.


A number of problems can be resolved by downloading and installing the latest driver from the sound card manufacturer’s souns. Thats how desperate we are.

Turns off all sounds from the host PC if a slow network connection is detected. Message was edited by: In rare cases GoToMyPC cannot detect the loopback sounx correctly and, therefore, cannot test the sound output. I ran the Logmein uninstaller and searched diisable for any Logmein files but never found that one until you directed me to it. Installing the latest sound card driver may resolve this issue. Adjustments to your in-session sound settings can be made directly from the Viewer window or in your GoToMyPC preferences.

How can we help you? Early this year, they suggested I make a registry change in an attempt to disable the audio capability of the Pro version.

Nohano- are you sure you’re not a software developer? Logmein was locking me out of Pro Tools. I had to reinstall LogMeIn and go through the steps of setting up a trial before I was able to get to the “Uninstaller. This is a technical problem caused by Logmein software This was until your post gave me the best hints. I’m having trouble in that on my G5 Xserves, I get pop-ups saying that the.


View answer in context. Is there NO fix for disabel Leave this option checked for in-session privacy. Please note that it is not available for Macs. The Sound preferences optimize your session for system sounds or music depending on your sound card, personal preferences and the speed of your network connection.

LogMeIn doesn’t want you to remove it from your computer!

Select this option to optimize performance. This is desperately needed. Ask a question Reset.