In the left column you can find the flight plans saved on your EKP V, while in the right column you can find contents saved in your PC 2. The hub of all your electronic connections, it allows multiple simultaneous connections. Loading the new map on your EKP V: There are no reviews available for this product. Three green bars indicates an excellent reception, and the icon with a red bar and the triangle with the CAUTION signal indicates that the signal is absent.

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The icon position should be blank. Connect your Geosat to the PC periodically, to keep it up-to-date! You can explore the contents of your EKP V ush as flight plans, User Marks and recorded tracks and save them in your PC in order to share them with friends. In the Geosat, that must be turned on during the connection, in Contacts menu open the folder containing the waypoints that you want to transfer: The duration of the battery at full bright is about 30 minutes.

When the device has been connected to the cigarette — USB plug the a window will be shown. Connect the power supply of your AvMap navigator. All information is encrypted during the checkout by SSL to ensure it is secure. Products ordered between 23rd December and 3rd January will be sent out on 3rd January It refers to the internal temperature of the navigator, not to the atmospheric one. Then delete the zipped folder SWUpdate. Each one is identified by a letter, for istance:. Again, make sure it is svmap seated.


The unit has to be turned off at that time. This cable must be connected to the USB connections of the power cigarette cable.

AvMap FAQ – Frequently Asked Questions

Close the battery storage compartment. You can select all the flight plans by clicking on the checked box below the right window, or deselect all by clicking the unchecked box below the left window 2. Click on Menu – System Info – Software: Good range of products – from high end Avionics to low end consumables and accessories Verified Customer. The gpx avmwp can be used also by other mapping software such as Google Earth.

First of all verify that the led on the V Usb charger svmap the led on the cigarette cable is working. How to update the software? Activate the NMEA communication: During the transfer, a pop up window that show the transfer of the waypoints on the OZI map in progress appears.

Through GSUpdate you can manage export and import traces in. Then connect the Geosat 6 to the wall power cable. When you update the maps, you update data such as street names, attributes and characteristics of the roads, one-ways, roundabouts, house numbers, points of interest, isb After the copying of the files as described above, remove safetly the unit from PC and disconnect the USB cable.


Make sure that the mapping software is properly set as to receive contents via serial port and NMEA communication with Baud Rate. After this last procedure click on the Navigation icon and enter into the internal Navigation system to check if everything is ok:.

If this is the first time that you have updated the software, you first need to register your product. AvMap releases periodically free software updates for its navigators.

How to load POI and speed cameras?

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I follow the procedure but, as the Suite restars, always show the same message. You can use the Li-Ion battery as long as they are recharged externally.

The imported file will overwrite all existing contacts stored within the browser.