Below are some of the frequently asked Storage SAN basic interview question and answers. How to recover from problems in installing the newer version directly on top of the older version Make sure the old version is accessible; it comes on diskette with your drive. Yeah If yes, does the command inquire display the auto changers and tape drives? Select Tape Systems for the Product Family. Then, Configure the tape device: Remove the new drivers. Jan 28, 1:

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AIX Support Line can usually assist with general conditions of updating and basic diagnosis.

EMC Community Network – DECN: can we need atape driver ?

We live in a digital world which is created and defined by atap. Remove the devices completely by entering rmdev -dl rmtX. Install the new driver. These drivers are feature code off of any supported device. This document discusses important information with regards to Atape.

It is obviously not a storage node – so no attached devices. The driver must be configured before using the Tivoli Storage Manager server with tape devices. Comment or submit more interview questions if you Download in binary mode.


The dsvice process will refresh definitions. Below are some of the frequently asked Commvault Backup Interview questions and Answers. Use the devconfig file as a guide for the definitions.

Select Tape device drivers and software for the Product Type. Atape also includes the tapeutil program and its source code which is a reference utility for the various functions in the drives.

Yeah If yes, then please delete the configuration and re-configure the tape library in NetWorker. Go to the Fix Central website: However, this is obviously an AIX command. Power off all Atape devices. How to upgrade later versions of Atape to the current version Complete the following steps to upgrade later versions of Atape to the current version.

Follow these steps to install and configure Atape device drivers on AIX server

How to upgrade Atape V2 to the current level Complete the following steps to upgrade Atape Version 2 to the current level. You should check that devicce IBM fevice. Comment or submit more interview questions if you Please type your message and try again. Install and commit the Atape driver. Complete the following steps. The FC SAN physical components such as network cables network adapters and hubs or switches can be used to design a Fibre channel Storage Remove the old driver.


Install and commit the Atape driver. Redefine the drive and library paths.

Procedure for upgrading atape device drivers to fix tape drive issues | Storage & Backup Tutorials

If yes, does the command – lsdev -Cc tapedisplay the drives? Use the following commands to Install Atape drivers, Configure the tape devices, list the tape devices and uninstall Atape drivers. While it is recommended to remove atap redefine the paths after any hardware change, including upgrading Atape.

If not, leave it to AIX admin. If yes, has the FC connection between the DD and the backup server done corretly?

Steps to Upgrade Atape Device Drivers.