It’s drop in, proven, and keeps water temps down. I would echo your comment on power levels. Originally Posted by hella quik rx But it still rips NS. The engine bay looks factory!

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You also need to be more faily to the way it runs. The general public and sadly even some of our own RX7 enthusiast feel that the FD is a great car with the exception that the rotary engine is a pile of junk that leads to many reliability problems.

Other OEM items and emblems have been collected and replaced as lx1. Originally Posted by hella quik rx This should’ve been included in the owner manual.

I put 3 years of research into FD’s before I bought my first last year December. If the built in check valves fail, then oil will not be introduced to gx7 combustion cavity under boost. In the event you just cannot take it anymore and must mod your car further, then I believe a PFC would be a good addition. This is one of the the best threads yet on the issue. Enough reason to leave it rotary…. Once you’ve done the above mods you will have a super fun car that’s very reliable and will keep you smiling each time you drive it but beware of the voices especially the one whispering for the need to increase the boost and power.

I have no plans to further modify my 7 until I undergo a full build. Ld1 with the ,s1 weight up front from the 6.


The reliable daily driven FD recipe (for beginners) – – Mazda RX7 Forum

Few car-related subjects can be more polarizing than the rotary engines, with people either worshiping them or just plain hating them. I would also like to invest in a Ron Davis “mazdaspeed” aluminum radiator. ALSO leave the battery in the stock location and if you must relocate it run all wires through the engine bay back through the fire wall up high staying committed to the exact same setup as stock dx7 simply a long positive wire and a ground to one of the thick seat belt holder spots in the back.

If it starts running funny or doing anything crazy, don’t assume its a good idea to go boost it to 10 psi and think it’ll be ok. Another reason to premix at least a half oz per gallon.

I’ve always been taught that your car and mods are only as good as your tune. Seeing as how the owner, Eric, invested so much into getting the thing to run flawlessly, he seems to have found no point in stopping there.

An FD RX-7 That’s Easy To Live With

Ls11 may have missed some things, I can check my files [I save all my receipts and document all maintenance]. Hope the new RX-7 RX-9? Although a larger diameter than I would expect on this otherwise externally reserved build, at 18 inches the fitment is superb while helping maintain a useable ride height. I picked up a 93 touring with 39k mi on it. The salesman had to help me get back out. Can it demonstrate it in an actual drag race?.


This will quell the nasty heat soak experienced by both a slow lss1 sensor and the heat soaking abilities of the rotary. The engine bay looks factory!

Yes, I know, rotary engines rev higher, have a smaller mass and make fx7 feel like a million bucks. Thread Tools Show Printable Version. Rotaries run extra hot because of all the extra air and fuel they need inefficient engine which means you need lots of cooling and a second oil cooler is mandatory for your rotary engines long life.

December 28, at 9: The video hosts a very honest direct comparisondone by the Tuned show, between two very similar Mazda RX7 FDs apart from their powertrains, with the red example still maintaining its rotary engine, albeit in a single-turbo status and the white one featuring a V8 swapand more specifically the LS2 motor daiky GM.

LS1 RX7 FC V8 vs whp Cobra street race drag – video dailymotion

Originally Posted by wstrohm. And xr7 the topic of exterior replacements, you have less noticeable items like aluminum door handles, Ganador Super Mirrors, and so on. The dash, for example, is a one-off carbon fiber part with a perfect OEM fit.

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