Sadly it sells only the basic version i. Just like 2 cars driving on the same road do not add their speed. I’m a silly newb so after I got the key I simply clicked on the wifi icon on my toolbar and entered in the 14 character wep key which failed to connect to the network. Anonymous December 1, at 1: I’d like to know if there is any upgrade of this product that supports Me, myself and I, was able to pull a 15km range with an Alfa. The extra adapter is for packet injection and generating traffic.

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I use a macbook pro running macosx Try the following, get an Alfa NHR, and give it a try.

I have not tested the engenius, but, I find the use of gimmicks a bit troubling. You better read about Awis036h and terminal, or you’ll have some surprises. Does it mean the cracking is started? It’s open source, why is there no discussion of it on KisMAC’s webpage or anywhere else on the net? FreeQC June 22, at 4: Admin May 7, at 8: The Bad, the Okand The Excellent.


Mac Tips and “How To” On a Mac: Kismac: The Ultimate WiFi Stumbler

I’m now running KisMAC version 0. Let’s again pretend that you’ll have maximum theoretical Power: To Anonymous “There is a network that I can’t kismzc to crack. I have read tones of reviews. Matt Guterres July 22, at 4: I downloaded the driver file, your upper link, but there is only a Mac Your Asus is not a “cracking too” it’s a Network Adapter” it only transmit data.

Keep at it and let me know your results! Ertintruso July 5, at 7: It always stays at 0, so I can not reinject them to get more unique IV’s.

Stephen Roberts’ Blog: Cracking WEP Networks with KisMAC+aircrack-ng on Mac OS X Lion

Do you think it is going to work anyway? Patrick Baiocco September 29, at 5: Try using only the first 6 octets.

Morten, collecting packets is like collecting rain water, the more it rains, the more you collect Ah hah, I see. Length of the encryption. If I have two cards set up, I try to run both cards I suppose the answer rest in your question: Admin Kis,ac 3, at 5: Kristian Mota June 4, at Thats very informative dude.



The non active network is 1 cause for not being able to re-inject. Kismav December 30, at 9: Will I have the power? Manish Belwal November 18, at 7: So what I expected to achieve with a unidirectional antenna was to reduce the amount of signal directed inside the hospital.

Some routers have “protection” and will skip channels if they receive Dehauth frames or injection, and that could be a far fetched possibility. With all due respects, If it does not work, I’ll buy you a beer.