I had some left from other repairs, so you can see already new caps on photo above. This means all electrolytic capacitors must be replaced, no questions asked. Some of hobbyists were even upgrading reference to LTZ circuit for better A stability. HP A front and rear. Hp Agilent Keysight A. When you use a digital multimeter to measure AC voltages, it is important to know how your DMM makes the measurements and understand your instrument’s limitations.

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HP A current source for resistance function test. If you would like to support us by making a donation please click the Paypal button: Showing the additional capabilities of the A DMM.

Bad parts from meter. This application note covers resistance, dc current, ac current, and frequency and period measurement errors.

Agilent HP A 6. ROR does not apply to rental orders.

Agilent A: Multimeters | eBay

Total man-hours spent on this project around 8 hoursgive or take few. After calibration, values are compared to Keithley meter to ensure they agree on readings.

This application note is the second in a series of three, that will help you eliminate potential measurement errors and achieve the greatest accuracy with a DMM. All buttons, knobs, and switches are good and intact.


HP A more zener regulators and capacitors.

Agilent 34401A

HP A mainboard, top and bottom side photographs. Shift registers on AC circuitry and few other opamps were replaced as well, but that was actually unnecessary. Banana input terminal jacks are custom-made parts, with big solid copper tube sockets bent and soldered directly to motherboard. Up for sale is a used, complete, sold as pictured, no errors, passed self test but will need a new display as there are extra lines and or digits in the display and unit will be sold in working order This measurement brief describes how to use a DMM to make multisignal captures and analysis without programming.

Digital Multimeters – Brochure This is the brochure for Keysight’s range of digital multimeters from a bench top to a test rack to a handheld. These are often a problem on old instruments, if contacts got ho and unable to maintain low resistance connections.

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HP A Replaced components locations. For an overview of system cabling errors and dc voltage measurement errors, see Application Note Meter does power on, VFD screen lit up and keypad working normally. Contains specifications, quick start, menu tutorial, calibration procedures, theory of operation, servicing procedures, replaceable parts, backdating information, and schematics.


Keysight senior test engineer Jim Walters shows a small example of a program written for the A running on Keysight’s A.

| HP A repair and calibration worklog

First step — zero calibration with 4W short Image I had some left from other repairs, so you can see already new caps on photo above. The display is very bright and even Final test with 10VDC: For a discussion of resistance, dc current, ac current and frequency and period measurement errors, see Application Note Also shop in Also shop in.

First step — zero calibration with 4W short. Layout is tidy and nicely done for this instrument, thumbs up to HP engineers.

Switching to different gains and DCV ranges had input adjusted properly. All currents were stable and spot on expected values. Now all voltages are fine, but meter still not working, with exactly same test results, wrong DCV readings and failure on any other function.

NO Options are marked. HP A Zero calibration with 4W short.