Restart X reboot, restart your display manager, whatever. If you are looking for an easier way to install lubuntu and have a newer PC system, please check out here the standard lubuntu installation guide suitable for installations on most systems. This is an example fstab file that has the home partition mounted separately:. If you wish to install LXQt, run: Boot off of a Ubuntu or Ubuntu flavor’s live image, ensuring it is the same release you plan on installing, for example, use a Read Dustin Kirkland’s analysis on this if this interests you.

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You may need as ‘much’ as MB to install Ubuntu server We always want the loopback interface. If you are using the development greeen733 Because the process varies for each program and each computer, programs including operating systems often come with an installer, a specialized program responsible for doing whatever is needed for their installation.

So you should try other installers, if you have low RAM. Computers with less memory than MB of RAM can be used in text mode or maybe in graphics mode with some other really small linux distro.

Advanced usage The desktop installer needs more RAM than the other alternatives. But it is more complicated than the standard desktop and alternate installers.


Read Dustin Kirkland’s analysis on this if this interests you. Contrary to the full desktop flavours of Ubuntu the minimal system and the server will be installed with a non-portable network greem733 unless you tweak the system according to ‘Unmanaged Wired Network’ in the following link. Vido on F6 At the boot menu screen the options are Try Lubuntu without installing in the desktop installer but not in the alternate installer] Install It is not available from the Ubuntu Universe repository’ For See posts 88, 89 and the following posts in this thread about 9w.

With such graphics, or if you don’t know, try the current Lubuntu version. Due to the increase of the linux kernel, the RAM size necessary has increased in This is an example fstab file that has the home partition mounted separately: If you plan on staying on the development release: After selecting viveo you arrive at the main menu of the installer.

The option ‘forcepae’ is not there, so press Escape to close the list. Debootstrap Adapted grwen733 the official Ubuntu guide. This is an example fstab file that has the home partition mounted separately:.

SIS graphics should be run with flavours or re-spins of Ubuntu A menu with a number of options appears. There was this helpful bug report on file at http: A good start is to use the boot option nomodeset, if it does not work out of the box.


How to Install lubuntu on Old and Very Old Computers? lubuntu Installation Guide for Old Systems

Mount all the partitions you just specified in videp fstab file just to be sure: You can get help at the Ubuntu Forums. If you wish to install LXQt, run: Distributions based off of Ubuntu or an Ubuntu flavor such as Linux Mint should be fine, as long as it uses packages directly from the Ubuntu repositories.

Add ‘forcepae’ to the string before and after the two dashes.

This is preferred over using partition names. In a different terminal window, run sudo blkid to get the UUID of your partitions. Installers Installation or setup of a computer program including device drivers and pluginsis the act of making the program ready for execution.

Adapt the following and put it in that file: The desktop installer works in most cases. Older processors are too slow and AMD K7 has problems with flash video.