Most helpful favorable review. Select a Microsoft Store location. Use a XBox One headset plugged to the controller at the same time? At the moment there isn’t an easy way to rebind the keys. For products bought elsewhere

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I bought this a couple months ago and while the chat-pad works well for typing the audio quality coming through the jack on the bottom is very poor. It’s simply necessary to make sure Windows doesn’t get into a bad state. Im pretty sure its because of how they made the port, and its affecting the connection I get, because it doesnt completely surround the jack. In-store availability subject to change without notice.

Although the headphones don’t quite fit my small head it still was a good deal and worth the money. It is only visible to you.

Just create the file, copy the above into it and change it to your liking. Hello, the keyboard and controller work very well, super useful for couch chilling and 3d modeling in Rhino. Also make sure to exit settings pressing Chapad after enabling the chatpad or restart the app.


I just hit Level Any time CC is re-enabled after having been disabled by games or fullscreen apps fhatpad, it will turn off your controller. Mobile devices OneDrive Skype.

Some geospatial data on this website is provided by geonames. Why is the chatpad feature experimental Honestly, I’m not sure it’ll work for everyone.

XBox One Chatpad on PC : ffxiv

If yes this is really great and I would definitely buy that rather than a bluetooth keyboard. Either you didn’t unplug and replug your wireless receiver after installation, or the driver is still waiting for the chatpad initialize this should not take more than seconds. I don’t own TESO but it should work, as it’s pretty much just like having a second keyboard connected.

Showing out of 50 reviews. Log in or sign up in seconds. It plugs into your Xbox One wireless controller, putting a backlit keypad and headset audio controls right at your fingertips. Chatpad uses a custom driver for the “Wireless Xbox Gaming Receiver” that needs to be installed for it to work.



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Microsoft Store sale and customer support Chatppad ratings All ratings 5 stars 4 stars 3 stars 2 stars 1 star. It works as a keyboard, and FF14 seems to recognize its input like any other keyboard. Could it work too with support for headphones on it? Looking to recruit a friend?

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This Chatpad definitely does the job well. Spoiler tagging a comment: Skip to main content.

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