The A 0 pin is driven low by the MMC card. Product Comparison Select at least 2 products. These are connected by cables to cards inserted into a USB, ATA, or other expansion bus connectors on the motherboard. Flash reader 42 can be installed by the user from a kit purchased at a store, or it can be pre-installed by an original-equipment manufacturer OEM or retailer. When the Multiflash reader is connected to the computer its four flash memory card slots appear as individual removeable drives. Although the CompactFlash card format is relatively small, being not much more than an inch square, other smaller cards have recently emerged.

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A multi-format reader is desired for a PC. A cyclical-redundancy-check CRC can be performed on the data to detect errors. For example, a control signal may need to be asserted for a specified number of microseconds. Memory Stick card 18 not shown is plugged into Memory Stick adapter 34 which is plugged into connector Add emmory external, USB 3. To keep you from getting confused over which drive letter applies to which card slot the drive icons contain the abbreviations for the various media types CF for CompactFlash, SM for SmartMedia and etc.

Acomdata Multiflash Usb Flash Card Reader/Writer – Steves Digicams

While the single-slot embodiment of FIG. D August 13, Hetherington October 1, Terada et al. A simple interface is used, such as having the user press a button to initiate image transfer.


This is the perfect answer for today’s digital photo labs that have to deal with all types of flash memory cards brought in by their customers. Product Comparison Select at least 2 products.

ACOM Data Multi Format Flash USB Card Reader

Adding to cart Please wait while we add your item s to cart While the advances in flash-memory mukti-format technology are useful, kulti-format many different cards formats present a confusing array of interface requirements to a PC. The CompactFlash connector makes electrical connection with the CompactFlash card for signals in the CompactFlash interface.

When data is read from the flash-memory card, a clock is pulsed to synchronize the data transfer. During detection mode, converter chip 40 is programmed to not drive lines A 0A 1 and instead use then as inputs to the detector logic. Apparatus according to claim 15, wherein the single converter chip is further configured to request retransmission when an error is detected.

Especially during a long trip away from the PC, the user may be limited by the capacity of the flash-memory cards.

Apr 19, Date of Patent: When anew card is present, detection logic then reads pins A 0A 1 as inputs. Instead, serial data transfers occur through serial data pin DIO, which is mapped to pin 19 A 1.

However, the limited transfer rate of the serial cable and the large size of the digital images made such serial downloads a patience-building experience. Four slots and four connectors are provided in flash reader Several other embodiments are contemplated by the inventors.

Condition Clearance 1 Open Box 28 Refurbished Furthermore, serial data interfaces are used in the smaller cards 242628 while a parallel data bus is used with CompactFlash card Then the user merely has to copy the image files from CompactFlash card 16 to the hard disk of PC Get the MacMall Advantage.


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Digital photographers may not always have their PC’s nearby. These are mapped to pins 2 – 6and 21 – 23 of the Czrd interface to match the CompactFlash D 0: This provides a simple visual indication to the user of the copying progress.

Therefore, the present invention is not intended to be limited to the particular embodiments shown and described, but is to be accorded the widest scope consistent with the principles and novel features herein disclosed. Several pins in the pin interface are not connected.

The Multiflash Reader is available from MicroWarehouse www. CPU 92 can request re-transmission of data from the flash-memory card when an error is detected.

A reader that reads CompactFlash cards can then memort any of the other flash-memory cards that plug into the CompactFlash adapter.

SmartMedia card 24 not shown is plugged into SmartMedia adapter 30 which is plugged into connector