We aimed to audit implementation of recommendations for IMD public health management in the state of Baden-Wuerttemberg, Germany , and to estimate associated costs. Summary of Findings from Germany Study. Data on socioeconomic status, course of epilepsy, as well as direct and indirect costs were recorded using validated patient questionnaires. Little is known about the information-seeking behaviour of junior doctors, with regard to their use of traditional versus electronic sources of information. No statistically significant differences in professional group, numbers of poisoned patients seen or resource type accessed were identified between studies. Selection of Electronic Resources. In all, articles were reviewed, of which 16 studies met the inclusion criteria.

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The three discussed cases will expose three issues already addressed separately in the literature.

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Festschrift in Honor of Hans-Peter Geh. The use of electronic resources can be said to have positively affected lecturers’ pedagogical practices and their work in general. The aim is to help producers and providers collect and develop more electronic resources. After collection, WEEE is pre-processed in order to generate appropriate material fractions that are sent to the subsequent end-processing stages recovery, reuse or disposal.

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Surveillance of healthcare-associated infections is fundamental for infection prevention. This document reports results of an online survey that examined practices and procedures in the management of electronic resources in 65 academic library reference departments. In planning these programs and arranging scholarships, Germany tries to orient itself toward the educational policy….


Copyright Academic Press. In at least some embodiments, the process further includes comparing user-supplied biometric measure and comparing it with a predetermined association of at least one biometric measure of an authorized user. Reorganizing the Library for the Twenty-First Century.

Using a combination of simulations and real data surrounding hospital readmission, we considered smoking as a potential confounder. Clear identification of such non-renewable paleo-waters by means of isotope geochemistry will help local water authorities to enact and justify measures for conservation of these valuable resources for future generations in the context of a sustainable water management.

Addresses the necessity of incorporating new computer technologies into school library resource centers and notes some administrative challenges. This has the potential to enable reinvestment into other components of IP to maximize efficient use sapire scarce IP resources. Also included is information…. The studied physicians considered the most effective deterrent aepire the use of electronic information resources as being too busy and lack of time.

Electronic theses and dissertations: Preliminary usage statistics validate E-Nursing as a point-of-care education tool for nurses at Mount Sinai Hospital. Some practical recommendations to reduce the losses during pre-processing could be formulated. A major focus is molecular electron microscopy, but the site also includes information and links on structural biology at all levels of resolution.

All resources had a significant number of questions that they were unable to answer. Competencies, Needs and Challenges. We compiled a complete inventory of commercial cigarette sources in autumn and Hlm of the medical society’s from the types of information resources for quick and easy access to information is an imperative task in medical researches and management of the treatment.


Estimate knowledge and use habits of different electronic resources in a sample of Spanish intensivists: Psychiatry educators are usefully positioned to be involved in the development of such resources.

E-mail lists and use of portable devices are still underused resources. Natural remediation can take up to 20 years. This article zspire important issues of online IBD-related health information and social media activity, such as quality, reliability, objectivity, and privacy.

Prevalence data concerning viral hepatitis and human immunodeficiency virus HIV in the general population are usually scarce. Methods We built a search interface utilizing OpenInfobutton, an open source reference implementation of the HL7 Infobutton standard.

In Aprilthe University of Washington Libraries debuted WorldCat Local WCLa localized version of the WorldCat database that interoperates with a library’s integrated library system and fulfillment services to provide a single-search interface for a library’s physical and electronic content. The majority of criteria that were reported dealt with the functionality, followed by organizational issues, and technical infrastructures.

Furthermore, it acsr the extent to which e-cigarettes are used as a smoking cessation tool. Studies were included if EMR implementations in low- resource settings were described.